Tuesday, August 14, 2007

channeling kate hepburn

after more than a year of 80s fashion running rampant on every runway, i'm beyond thrilled to see the roaring 40s make a sharp comeback this fall. finally, we're allowed to wear flattering, put-together ensembles, instead of a random hodgepodge of ankle boots and leggings.

as the fall lines are starting to trickle out to a retailer near you, my thoughts keep returning to katherine hepburn, a fashion icon that you just can't go wrong idolizing. she had such a way of making her style unique and ladylike, but still modern and fabulous. talk about a fashion icon.

if you're feeling the urge to channel kate as i am, here are a couple of early season picks to get you started - oddly enough, both from banana republic (who hasn't been impressing me lately, but perhaps they're about to redeem themselves).

i'm loving banana's new spin on an uber-feminine suit. love the detailing at the neckline, love the sleeves, love the pinup girl silhouette....i just think you can't go wrong.

and, in true kate fashion, high-waisted, full-bodied trousers are everywhere this fall. while it's true that we've been hip-hugging for a few years now, there's something very flattering about these high-waist trousers, if you style it right. remember, pleats are never your friend. you want a streamlined silhouette. i'm generally opposed to cuffs on these flowy pants, but as long as it's a larger cuff, i think it works - as on these martin fit trousers by banana republic. make sure that if you're going high, you go all the way - this style works best when sitting right below your rib cage. remember, they flatter by hitting you at your narrowest point, not by cutting your tummy in half. highlight your waist with a belt, and remember to tuck in whatever you're wearing on top - this is all about flattering the feminine, so hourglass it up!