Friday, August 24, 2007

designer of the day: r & y augousti

so, lately, i've been craving two things: clutches and exotic skins. the problem? clutches don't hold enough. and exotic skins are way, way too expensive.

but, the girls over at TDO put me off on a bit of a tangent today by showcasing this yummy bronze snakeskin clutch by rafe, and i started poking around on the web, and i stumbled upon the new handbag collection by r&y augousti, who have been designing stunning home objects for quite a while, but have recently ventured into designing bags. while i normally wouldn't look to a homewares designer for couture, this team has really done an amazing job. their pieces are every bit as amazing and luxurious as they should be for exotics, but are actually reasonably priced. well, you know, as exotics go.

this first one is really more of a wallet than a clutch, but it's so fabulous that it gets to be included here. had i only known that i was going to find this wallet, i never would have bought all of the other wallets i've purchased in the last few months. and, now i'd have a fabulous snakeskin wallet in the yummiest butter color, lined in even yummier suede, and, at an ultra reasonable price of $195, it would have cost me less than all the other wallets i bought along the way. sigh.

for a more traditional clutch, they have a gorgeous eelskin number that's all ruched and fabulous on the outside, suede-lined on the inside, and has a gorgeous, asymmetrical antique-brooch-looking thing as a closure. this clutch just goes way beyond fabulous, and even though i don't use clutches as often as i'd like, this is definitely a buy that would be in my closet 50 years from now, when i'd be the coolest little old lady on the block, sporting my gorgeous vintage eelskin clutch. the size is just about perfect, at 10" x 5" - it will actually hold all of your evening needs. this one's pricier than the wallet, at $385, but that's still a helluva deal for an exotic skin with this degree of design and attention to detail. i mean, really, even a lauren merkin clutch is $200, for heaven's sake. i want this little cutie sooo badly that i'm just hoping and praying the birthday fairy is paying attention, because this would make a completely perfect gift for me.

if you're a little bit more of a badass than i am, you could certainly pull off the vintage punk vibe of this yummy ostrich clutch - only $285, with all of the same lovely features as the eelskin, plus a stingray accent on the clasp. or you could check out this completely gorgeous snakeskin version, in the yummiest coffee color, for $440.

truly, if you're at all considering the value of a classic clutch, these are well worth the investment - they're impeccably styled, have incredible attention to detail, and will be the talk of any event they get to attend. and really, you just can't put a pricetag on the intense jealousy of your friends and colleagues.