Monday, July 30, 2007

beat the heat: a guide to summer beauty secrets

it’s that time of year when the temperature soars, and my desire to do much of anything related to beauty or personal care is pretty minimal, since i know it will all just melt away before it has time to do any good. but we all know that summer also means unique skin & beauty challenges...oily face, dry and sunburned skin, and a nice reminder of just how important a great deodorant really is. so, the TDO girls have put their collective heads together to come up with our list of the best summer beauty products out there. we’re sure you’ll find a favorite (or four…) among the list.

(this is one of those times that i'm going to send you over to my second home for the fabulously long and detailed post on all of my favorite summer beauty products. so, check it out!)