Friday, July 06, 2007

what i want today: an open letter to....

dear bottega veneta:

why, oh why, are you torturing me with this absolutely gorgeous pink canvas bag that is beyond adorable, but way too large for any non-giant person to use as a daily bag? seriously. this bag and i could have so many good times together, if only it weren't large enough to act as carry-on luggage.

sigh. alas, i must covet its gorgeously perfect color, its luxurious woven leather handles, its impeccable construction and completely fabulous shape from afar....because my husband will surely kill me if i buy yet another overnight bag.

love and kisses,

(of course, if you do have use for an overnight bag and/or are a fan of the humongousness of this beauty, you can pick it up on sale for a ridiculously reasonable $504 right now at NAP. trust me - you'll never get a piece of BV for a better price!)