Monday, July 23, 2007

what i want today: not to be freezing

i have a fabulous new office in the big, bad city. actual window, actual view, actual walls on which to hang art, degrees, etc. very exciting.

but it's also about 45 degrees in here by mid-afternoon. seriously, they have no concept of the thermostat being able to move in both directions.

so, i need some sort of all-purpose, cute cardigan/sweater thing that i can keep at my office, and which will look chic and fabulous with everything i might possibly wear, ever. i'd like to keep it semi-trendy, as i have plenty of the generic-button-down-cardigan in my closet, but blah.

a couple of options from the nordstrom anniversary sale , since i haven't really done a post on that yet (due to the aforementioned summer sale boycott). but if i have something i actually need, i see no reason to not buy it just because it's discounted, after all.

first up is this cardigan by tracy reese. i have to admit i'm not loving a lot of the new mega-volume trends for fall. so this sweater is a good compromise for me. it's very tailored and classic, but the slightly wider sleeve is a nod to the new trend without forcing me too far in. the navy will blend with all sorts of things for fall, and you can wear it alone, dress it up with a camisole, or dress it down by layering a long-sleeve tee. options abound. it's $179 on the sale, but i'm willing to spend a little more on a piece that won't be out of style by february. the question is whether the style's really an all-occasion sort of thing.

i actually really like this one, and i think it fits the versatility bill....but the short sleeves concern me (since my arms are completely freezing at the moment). but then, on the other hand (er, sleeve?), short sleeves are so nice for typing nonstop, as i'm prone to doing. no smudging them up on ink-stained documents, no having to push them up to my elbow, causing them to stretch out beyond all reason. plus, it's only $ enough that i don't have to feel too badly about buying it for a test run.

outside the sale, i'm sort of loving this (though not at $300, i hate to say). but i think it would fit the 'all purpose' bill pretty well, and i think it dresses up or down fairly safely. if only i could find a clone that was, you know, less expensive. plus, i have a sort of built-in aversion to buying anything from juicy couture...i just feel like i'm so too old for that.

i happen to love pretty much everything i own by vince, so i suspect i'd love this cardigan as well. it looks nice and tailored, but the only downside is i can't see pairing it with long sleeves. then again, will i need a cardigan if i'm wearing long sleeves?? anyway, it's more mid-range, at $161, on sale at tobi, one of my fave online haunts (incidentally, tobi also has some really amazing pieces from see by chloe on a ridiculous sale right now...if you're a fan, it's definitely worth a look).

anyone have any other ideas?? i'm definitely open to suggestions!