Saturday, July 28, 2007

random hot (er, cold?) tip: coffee bean & tea leaf

okay, not normally the subject of this blog, but too fun to pass up. if you text the word "BEAN" to 22987, you will receive a "buy one get one" coupon for a free ice blended coffee at the coffee bean & tea leaf, my personal choice for all things iced in the summertime. seriously, it just comes to your phone, and you show it to the cashier at any of their locations. how cool is that? i mean, especially if you're obsessed with this place like i am. i thank god every time i pass by one that there aren't any within a 10-mile radius of my house, as i'm sure i'd be one of those 800-lb homebound people, begging coffee bean to deliver a large ice blended to me every hour on the hour. but hey, the occasional splurge with a friend is a totally different story....right?

anyway, if you haven't experienced an iced blended from coffee bean, you're truly missing out. it's one of the joys of summertime, my friends! offer expires 8/31/07, but you can use the texted coupon as many times as you want between now and fabulous!