Wednesday, July 25, 2007

what i want today: whipped body creme by maiden beauty

i was fortunate enough to get to try this fabulous product recently, and well...let's just say that no one's been able to pry the pretty glass jar out of my hands since! the texture of this body creme is simply soft and luxurious, i just want to keep reapplying, but it's so darn moisturizing that it makes it hard to justify the constant reapplication.

comes in three fabulous scents: "pretty", "smart" and "lady" (clever, no?). all are delicious, but "smart" (a natural, not overpowering, vanilla bean scent) and "pretty" (ginger lotus...just has kind of a clean, fresh smell) are my personal faves. you can pick them up at top floor boutique for $26 each. i'm so in love with these cremes that i'm tempted to pick up everything else in the maiden beauty line as well! i think the sugar scrub is next on my list...

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