Wednesday, July 18, 2007

so, big exciting news....

that's right, hold on to your stilettos, girls (and boys, of course...we're equal opportunity shoppers here at SMC). the lovely, impossibly fabulous ladies over at the daily obsession have asked me to start doing some writing for them as well. very fun stuff, though it is going to require me to be even more creative and fabulous than i already am, which hardly seems possible. but i digress.

so, occasionally, i'll be asking you to follow me over there for a post or two...or perhaps i'll save you that oh-so-tedious extra click by double-posting. but either the new san francisco editor of TDO! très exciting, no?

[incidentally, the shoes have little to do with the post, other than (1) posts without pictures are boring, and (2) they happen to be super cute stilettos, thereby cleverly tying into the first line of the post. i know, i know. anyway, if you're dying to own them, they're $360 at bluebee, one of my favorite spots for unattainble but fabulous merchandise.]