Thursday, July 19, 2007

asked, but not answered: the perfect eye cream

okay, readers, time to turn the tables a bit. for months now, i've been searching (unsuccessfully, obviously) for the perfect eye cream. i feel like i've tried so many samples that the girls at sephora collectively sigh when i walk into the room. and still, my poor eyes are just not happy. nice to know they're as picky as the rest of me, but enough already.

so, dear readers, i'm taking a poll. what fabulous eye products have YOU found that you've loved?? and who knows....if you come up with the one that i end up loving too, we might just work out a super fabulous, thank you gift. yes, i think we could do that. there's definitely a fabulous thank you gift in the future of the person who finds me an eye cream that i fall head over heels for. ( it really that obvious that i came up with this idea just now, while i was writing this?)

now, this is a real question, so no just listing every eye cream on - i want actual recommendations, please!