Monday, July 16, 2007

what i want today: no more sale emails

yep, i admit it. i'm tired of the summer sales. i'm tired of being terrified to open marketing emails from my favorite stores, because i know it's going to mean that a pair of shoes i've coveted for months is now 80% off, and still too expensive for me to buy, but i can't possibly resist at that price, so i buy anyway, and go still deeper into the all-too-personal relationship i'm developing with my american express card. seriously, it's a vicious cycle. what's a girl to do?

so, i'm boycotting the rest of the summer sales. i mean it. in fact, i think i'm even boycotting the nordstrom anniversary sale, the greatest summer sale of them all. (naturally, if it becomes necessarily, i will be weaseling out of this statement by pointing out that the anniversary sale is actually a pre-fall sale, not a summer sale.) hence the very serious boycotting picture above (granted, the women pictured above are picketing for suffrage, but i think you see my point).

anyway, in honor of my boycott, there is no "what i want" today....there is just a commerce-free zone. until tomorrow, of course, when something totally fabulous will be on my "i must have this or i just might possibly die" list. so, save your pennies....