Monday, July 02, 2007

what i want today: more nine west shoes

hard to believe, i know...two pairs in one season? what in the world is going on over at nine west ? for me, that's right up there with the odds you'd catch me in skinny jeans more than once. whatever they have cooking over there, i hope they keep it, fun shoes for under $100 is definitely something i could get used to!

lots of fabulous jewel tones to choose from in this style, including a bright yellow, raspberry, and pewter, but my fave is this gorgeous blue that i spied in the july vogue (i know, $69 shoes in vogue? this post just gets crazier and crazier). 188 if you don't believe me.

these cuties are just the things to wear now with baggy shorts and cute little summer tees, but they'll transition beautifully to fall as well. i mean honestly, how hot would these be with some straight-leg black pants? pretty hot.

and, best of all....drum roll, please....available up to size 12 AND in both narrow and wide widths. this one's for you, mom! (and for j and m, with their wide feet!)

seriously, though, you know if they were in vogue, they're going to be sold out in about 15 order soon. happy shopping!