Monday, June 18, 2007

what i want today: studded cap-toe ballet flats

so, i finally had a great excuse to catch up on all of my fashion magazine reading (14 hours on a plane...lovely), and a few things caught my eye. first and foremost were these darling flats that i'm completely in love with (trust me on this one - the picture is less than perfect, i know, but the shoes are gorgeous). they'd be absolutely, completely perfect for your fall wardrobe needs. the cap-toe shoe is incredibly hot for fall, not to mention the studs, patent, and metallic detail. i love the gunmetal color - not as flashy as gold or silver, but every bit as flexible. honestly, can't you just picture these with at least 10 outfits in your wardrobe?

best of all...under $70. no kidding. i'm rarely this impressed by nine west shoes, but they've done an amazing job this time of taking the best elements from shoes made by several high end designers (this pair looks like the brainchild of marc jacobs, tory burch, and lanvin), rather than just flat-out cloning, which i find irritating and a bit sad.

i'd like for all of you to go out and buy these, because i think they're about the hottest thing ever. sadly, they don't come in my i need to live vicariously through all of you.