Thursday, June 21, 2007

the coolest thing evah!

okay, so maybe i'm lame, but i feel about designers the way most people feel about celebrities. so, imagine my complete and total excitement when, after submitting a question to her site via email, i got an email from rebecca minkoff, herself, last night! seriously, how freaking cool is that?? in fact, we actually exchanged a handful of emails...if i swung that way, i'd so have a crush right now!

if you don't know her work, well, shame on you...go check it out now. she does such an amazing job of mixing hip and classic - classic shapes, hip colors and details. great quality, gorgeous leather, yadayadayada. all while managing to keep her prices squarely in the "regular people can actually afford my designs" range (roughly $500-600).

in fact, i was so darned excited by the whole encounter that i'm now seriously obsessing over the darling bag above...but since i've lusted after it for more than six months, i guess it's not a huge shock. what can i say...i'm a consumer whore. i think we already knew that.

so. if you love her designs too, you have options. first, rebecca (eeeee, we're on a first-name basis!) just completed a huge sample sale...many of the styles are gone now, but it's worth a call to the boutique in NYC to see if anything's left, as everything was 50% off, which is a killer deal. call 212/677.7829 if you're so inclined...if the designer is any indication, everyone at the store is going to be completely sweet and nice.

if they don't have what you want, the best price i've been able to find on the most well-known of her bags, the "morning after" (and the "morning after mini") here in all sorts of colors and in both sizes - all are on sale, plus you can get an additional 10% off with code summer, making it the best deal i've ever found on this bag (well, excluding some ridiculous anthropologie markdown after christmas, but i'm not entirely convinced that wasn't an urban legend...).