Monday, June 11, 2007

what i want today: halsea weekender bag

i know i've been MIA for a while, but nothing's really been singing to me recently...and my readers only get the best of the best, darn it! plus, well, there have been technical's been tough all around.

anyhoo, over the weekend, my web wanderings led me to a site that i have a pretty huge crush on. halsea is the creation of a designer who was aiming for "the gals who have moved-on and moved-up from the teenage surf/skate market...a women who want sophisticated, casual beach style and embrace laid-back luxury."

hey wait...that's me! i love sophisticated, casual beach style! and really, who doesn't want to embrace laid-back luxury?

anyway. everything on the site is darling (and is, by the way, perfectly coordinated), but my favorite has to be this weekend tote. i love literally everything about it. i love the laminated canvas, as it's perfect for travel (not like those travel bags that are super cute, but you know you're going to cry if the flight attendant lets a can of coke explode in your general vicinity). i love the multiple exterior pockets - just the thing for boarding pass, ipod and magazine, so you have quick access before you stow that baby in your overhead compartment. i love that it's incredibly lightweight (so you can actually carry it, especially with the shoulder strap they include), but will still hold a ton. at 13" x 21", i think i could actually use this as my only bag for a weekend away! and, i love the leather bottom, which is there to give this baby longevity - you don't have to worry about the canvas ripping as you yank your bag off the security belt.

the truth is, i just love smart, well-thought-out design, and this bag fits the bill in so many ways. plus, it's fun to look at, and doesn't blend into the sea of black roller bags.

$225 at halsea. a little steep, i realize, but something tells me this is a bag with serious longevity potential. comes in several lovely patterns/colors, but the one pictured above is an easy favorite for me.