Thursday, May 31, 2007

what i want today: french wallet by orla kiely

those of you that know me in "real" life know that i've been on the hunt for a wallet lately. well, i found one (okay, i found two), so i won't be buying another. but if i were still on the hunt, this cutie would already be on its way to me as we speak.

by orla kiely, who always makes such unique & cute things. i love the coin purse detail, which makes it feel vintage, and the pattern (vinyl-coated, thank you) is just about as spring-y as you can get. only thing i'm not crazy about is the price...$142 for a cloth/leather wallet is a lot, i must admit. but i think this one would stand the test of time and durability, not to mention making me smile every time i opened up my handbag!

if you agree, pick yours up here - and let me know how you like it!