Thursday, May 10, 2007

what i want today: anya bag by j.crew

as i was checking out the j.crew spring sale for the millionth time, i ran across this little beauty, and had to share. lately, i'm loving the leather/canvas combo - it's so fresh and light for spring, without any of the kitsch that makes most summer bags a little too casual for everyday use. and i'm a lot less scared to carry a canvas bag when it has the protection of leather on the corners and bottom, as this one does. the black-and-white combo is just so timeless, and i love the classic tote shape of this one. and at 12x15, this one might even hold your laptop (if you have one of those fancy small ones).

down from $325 to $229 on the j.crew spring sale - this is one bag that will get you through many springs and summers to come.