Tuesday, May 08, 2007

yay mom!!

we all know she's fab, but we have even more to thank her for this week. because it's at times like this that every retailer under the sun is vying for your attention....which translates to some pretty fabulous deals!

kate spade, for instance, is offering 10% off and a free upgrade to overnight shipping (no code necessary). the 10% off is good on full-price AND sale merchandise! only good through today, though.

both shopbop and botkier are offering 20% off - botkier does this a couple of times a year, but it's a real rarity for shopbop. granted, the shopbop code is mysteriously only for "bop basics," but there are still some great pieces on sale that would make it well worth your time. and as for botkier, well, if you haven't experienced their leather, you haven't lived. it truly lives up to the phrase "like buttah". use code BOPMOM2007 for shopbop, and bsxygift for botkier.

my favorite denim line - paige premium - is offering free shipping this week only. not much, but definitely a rarity...they didn't even do this at christmas. again, no code necessary.

last, but certainly not least, if you happen to live near a neiman marcus or a saks, both are having private shopping nights tonight, which translates to a one-night preview of their spring sale. you'll get first dibs on all of the glorious markdowns up to 40% off, while other poor saps are forced to wait at least a week before they go on sale again. strike while the iron is hot!

and when you're all done, remember to thank mom properly - it's all because of her!