Wednesday, May 16, 2007

what i want today: china

okay, so it's not so much fashion as it is a personal footnote. but it's technically home fashion...and it's my blog, so that's close enough for me.

shortly after my hubs and i were engaged, we started the Great Bridal Registry Debate. the one thing i was sure of, though, is that i didn't want china. too fussy, too expensive, too many storage concerns, said i. it would stress me out, knowing that if i broke a plate, it was a $100 plate (or worse, a discontinued, irreplacable, $100 plate). and dishes shouldn't be a lifelong source of stress. (plus, i was pretty sure i was inheriting the family heirloom china at some point, and how many place settings for 12 can one person really store?)

fast forward to a beautiful bridal tea thrown for me by a dear friend, who gave everyone a cup and saucer from a different china pattern as their 'favor.' how clever is that, i thought! and then, i had a great plan. i was going to collect different place settings of new and vintage china, and "hodge podge" a set together. it would be great! i wouldn't have to pick just one - i could have one of each! it would be kitschy, fun, beautiful, and best of all - if i dropped a plate, it was easily remedied. plus, it would give me a hobby - even better.

see? it's darling!

but then, i went to paris with my hubs last year. where we visited a certain home decoration store. where i fell in love with a certain, astronomically expensive china pattern. it was amazing - completely unique, fun and colorful enough that it would never be "too fancy" to use, but had the potential to be serious when necessary. and i have lusted after it ever since...but with a distant, wistful lust that i knew could never be satisfied. i mean, that china was in paris. i didn't know the designer, the pattern...nothing. i couldn't possibly find it again. right?

right. until i managed to run into it last weekend at bloomingdales, of all places. yes, that's right - it's now totally accessible to me. at $300 per place setting. of course, as i no longer have a substantial group of people who are morally obligated to buy me a gift, when i say "totally accessible", what i really mean is "hauntingly, infuriatingly unattainable".

sigh. i'm thinking maybe at least i can have a teacup...someday.

hmm....maybe i can start a trend, whereby couples get to re-register for their 5th anniversary, and everyone who came to the wedding has to buy them gifts again. i know i'd do it very differently this time around, and i bet i'm not alone. what do you think?