Friday, May 04, 2007

a few of my favorite things: refinery 29

i was turned on to this amazing site by the brilliant ladies over at the daily obsession. once i started looking, i literally couldn't peel my eyes away! there are at least 100 things i'm coveting after about an hour on their are just a few:

clutches are beyond hot right now, but as i've been watching old episodes of sex and the city for the umpteenth time, i've realized they were pretty much always hot...and thus, i think they always will be. i absolutely adore this one by goldenbleu, who always does an amazing job on craftsmanship and quality of leather, two of my major sticking points. this one is no exception. i love the navy color (a nice change from classic black or the very trendy metallics we're seeing everywhere now), the texture of the exterior pleats, the cornflower blue suede lining, the fact that it will actually hold everything you'd need for day, as well as being perfect for evening....this is about as close as a girl can get to a perfect clutch. plus, the styling is just so classic - i can definitely see this as a piece you'd carry for years to come. it's actually on sale, and at only $340, you'd better nab it before i do!

this necklace would be just fabulous with so many things, but i'm picturing it with an otherwise funky outfit that needed a touch of girly. the heart locket, the bow detail, the little's too cute for words. fortunately, it's not too cute to own - it can be yours for $240.

it's been a long time since i've seen a dress with lines this simple that has felt 'classic,' not 'blah'. but this beauty by twelfth street by cynthia vincent really seems to fit the bill. the buyers over at Bird called this "the most universally flattering frock on the planet," and i'm inclined to agree. the empire style looks great on darn near anyone, especially when the midline is cut at an angle, as it is here. and the bust is cut perfectly, to flatter the well-endowed and the not-so-well-endowed alike. plus, i think the ink blue washed silk is just stunning. best of all, this gorgeous piece will set you back a mere $150. i know, i was shocked too. for a classic silk dress, that's the deal of the century. this could easily go to work with a cardigan or blazer over it, or wear it alone for cocktails after work. with the right shoes and jewelry, i think this could even go to a relatively formal soiree. talk about a multi-tasker! plus, how cute would this be with the clutch and necklace above (i didn't even plan that, i swear!)....a match made in heaven.