Wednesday, December 05, 2007

what i want today: moss mills creations

i can't even remember how i tracked these down, but ever since i first saw them, i've been completely obsessed with everything over at moss mills' fabulous website.

moss designs the most amazing pieces that really straddle the line between cutesy and edgy - a major blessing for those of us who love the cutesy but are feeling maybe a wee bit too old to sport the giant bird necklace i'm seeing on every 18-year-old on the street. it's darling, don't get me wrong...i just know i'm past being able to pull it off.

but moss understands. so, instead of the giant bird, he gives me this gorgeous 'audrey' necklace (above) - a heart covered with flowers, which should be way too girly, but because it's a little larger, and because i can buy it in stunning rose gold (which i'm completely in love with these days), i'm counting the minutes until i can bring it home and sport it with any number of gorgeous ensembles.

or, if you're wanting something a little less traditional, this forrest necklace is high on my list as well. the size (about 1"x1.5") is perfect - it's subtle, but still noticeable, so it'll be perfect paired with just about any weekend look. and the design is so gorgeous - i just love the detail.

and, i have to admit, there's a very big part of me that's wondering if i can still pull off an animal necklace, as sammy, pedro, and barney are all calling my name something fierce.

while you're there, don't forget to check out their gorgeous rings. the sevilla has major long-term potential (i can completely see keeping this in my jewelry box and having my favorite niece nab it in 20 years), and i'm just loving that rose gold again. but i have to admit that i'm sort of loving the overly girly nature of the georgia and the new chrys as well.

i have no doubt you'll all be finding much to covet (and much to gift) at moss mills...and they haven't even released their upcoming clothing line yet. definitely stay tuned for that!

or, if you happen to live in the LA area, moss just opened a boutique on 3rd street, which would be well worth a stop. from the pictures i've seen, it looks outstanding!