Wednesday, December 05, 2007

what i'm giving today: toasty toes

i know, i know - slippers are such obvious gifts. i would normally totally shy away from something so cliche. but the truth is that i really do love a good pair of cozy slippers...i abhor socks, so when the weather turns chilly, i pretty well live in slippers. they're my winter version of flipflops. plus, let's be honest - raise your hand if you'd die happy just finding a wonderful gift for your friend X right about now...obvious or not. i thought so.

anyway, if you're going to go traditional, i thought i'd share a few pair that i'm coveting this winter.

if the girl on your list is a little more tailored in her tastes, these gorgeous cashmere ballet slippers from banana republic will keep her toes toasty in style. we know i loooove shoes that come in cute little bags, and these do. my favorite is the grey, but the black is subtle enough she might even be able to keep these at her desk for those "i'm going to amputate my foot if i can't take these 4-inch heels off stat" days.

these hot pink shearling slippers from j.crew are making me really happy right now - i love the bright color, which will bring you out of even the worst winter blah. and the shearling is sure to keep your toes toasty. plus, the rubber soles will give you enough traction to make it down the driveway to grab the morning paper without killing yourself...a slipper feature i've overlooked to my own downfall (no pun intended) more than once. at $60 this is a completely do-able gift option for any girl on your list.

oh, and if you can find other gift options to pick up while you're there (i love their enamel bangles this fall, and the gorgeous shearling gloves that would be a perfect match for those slippers), j.crew is offering 20% off purchases of $175 or more, but only through thursday, 12/6 - use code SHHH to cash in.

if you're looking for something really exceptional in the slipper department, this burberry version is a no-brainer. sure, they're $150, but again, they have that cute little pouch! plus, they're going to go with darn near anything, and they'll be cute year-round.