Monday, December 17, 2007

deal of the day: 25% off sitewide at tobi

honestly, the holiday sales are supposed to be after christmas! these pre-holiday discounts are slowly killing me. but, since i have no willpower whatsoever, and i assume my readers are just as challenged as i am in that respect, i'm going to go ahead and let you all know that tobi, one of my very favorite fashion sites, is offering 25% off all full-priced merchandise on its site, through the end of the year.

but okay, for those that are still holiday shopping, let's see if we can put this discount to good use. tobi is such a fabulous site that i think perhaps we can knock off your entire holiday list at once. watch me work...

for the hubs, i'd love to snag him a fabulous leather jacket, and no one does it better than mike & chris. right now, i'm leaning toward the super cool, but casual temple street style, which i know would become an instant favorite in his closet.

for mom, i always love red flower candles...they look gorgeous, they're topped with those fabulous dried flower petals that make for a gorgeous display, they smell divine, and they burn forever. pick up one or two in her favorite scents (i love the blood orange and french lavender). or, if she's more into fashion than fragrance, i think really lush cardigans are always a safe bet for mom. i love this one from eden, which is a great wardrobe staple. if she lives in a colder climate, or is just perpetually freezing (like my mom is), this cardigan coat by lily mcneal would be just perfect.

for a little sister, i think it's tough to go wrong with a funky graphic tee. if she's a rock star wannabe, she'll love the new tees by andy warhol for levis - my pick is this pink moto design. but if her style's more girly, i love this mod peacock tee by topless california, which is a great tunic length and perfect for layering.

for dad, you can up his 'cool factor' with this merino wool sweater by theory. or if he's still using that ancient bottle of old spice aftershave, try giving him this gift set from sharps barber shop to bring his morning routine into the 21st century.

brothers are a tough group to buy for, but i'm thinking i'll pick up a pair of these funky skull socks and a fabulously cool new wallet for my little bro, like maybe this black-and-green "loungemaster" by j.fold - even the name is perfect for him. long as i'm shopping for others, i think i probably deserve a little gift for myself, don't you? so, there's a very decent chance i'll be sneaking some paige denim, this gorgeous swing coat from (who else) lily mcneal, and maybe one of these beautiful italian linen scarves by love quotes. hmm, maybe i'll pick one up for mom too, while i'm at it...

if i can manage to rack up $250 in purchases (which shouldn't be tough), my whole order gets gift-wrapped for free, in tobi's gorgeous signature wrapping. that should leave me plenty of extra time for even more shopping! um...for others, of course.