Tuesday, December 04, 2007

what i'm giving today: everything jonathan adler is selling

i'm literally so in love with jonathan adler right now that every single person on my list would be getting gifts from him if i could afford it. he just makes me happy. his site is completely cheerful, his designs are modern and hip, but fun and relaxed (i really hate most modern design because it's so stiff and uncomfy-looking), and i am such a sucker for using bright color in design, which is one of his mantras.

and really, there isn't a single person on your gift list who couldn't use a little jonathan adler in their life.

your favorite domestic diva? she'll go nuts for this gorgeous utopia faces platter, which will be perfect for all of her holiday fetes. or consider this fabulous muse candle, which will make her house smell fantastic and inspire endless exclamations of "where did you find that!" for months to come.

the guy you can never think of anything to buy for? if he's under 40, nab this fabulous condom caddy...and stock it chock full of some glow-in-the-dark items, just for added kitsch. (it was all my hubs could do to talk me down from buying this for my little brother. something about it being creepy for your big sis to buy you condoms...hmm, maybe he has a point.)

if the guy is over 40, my vote goes to the utopia remote box or the key keeper, both of which will put those things they need most within easy reach.

i can guarantee that several people on my list are getting this darling utopia mug. throw a bag of your favorite tea and a little bit of honey, and there isn't a person i know who wouldn't love this gift.

i don't know about you, but my BFF would fall hard for this darling disco chick - i'm dying to install her on a chair in my living room. and for your favorite friend who's been naughtier than nice, the sins pillow would be the perfect addition to their boudoir.

even grandma's taken care of - she'd flip for the darling spectacles case or the lipstick case, and she'll think of you every time she pulls those reading glasses out of her purse.

last but not least, i think just about anyone would find themselves loving adler's decorating how-to, "my prescription for anti-depressive living." the pics are gorgeous, the advice is lighthearted but oh-so-true, and the best part is that if you order it from his site, you'll get an autographed copy! sure, you can buy it at amazon for $12 less, but i think the autograph really makes the gift. this book really is fabulous - i leaf through my copy all the time, and it never fails to make me want to paint a wall orange...or maybe lime green.

and, in case you needed more incentive to wrap up your holiday shopping at the adler online extravaganza, there's a 'spend some, get some' coupon available. use code holidaylicious and get $20 off $150, $40 off $250, $60 off $350...and so on. plus, free shipping on orders over $150, so you have even more incentive to spend, spend, spend. isn't that what the holidays are all about?