Saturday, December 15, 2007

shoppingsmycardio gifts: eco-savvy

gift-guide mania continues here at shoppingsmycardio. it seems like everyone's doing the green/eco-chic thing this year. and even though i'm about the least environmentally-friendly person ever (i actually traded in my hybrid for an SUV), i realize that i'm probably in the minority at this point. so, for those friends who are hopelessly devoted to yoga, mass transit, and composting, here are a few gifting ideas that are sure to make them swoon.

if you love the idea of getting a gift that gives back, but those "i made a donation in your name" cards feel a little anti-climactic, pick up one of the fabulously fashionable tees from the lovely folks over at conscience tees. for $30, you can grab a darling gift for her, and $5 of the purchase price goes to the earth-friendly organization of your choice. so, she can wear this darling polar bear with pride, knowing she gave a chunk of change to the world wildlife fund to help save the world.

tote bags are definitely the item du jour for the green girls this year. blame it all on anya hindmarch, though the truth is there are loads of cuter options out there. rather than making the tote the gift, i love the idea of stocking it with a few magazines your friend loves, maybe a new yoga mat, or just a book you read this year that you think everyone should read too. as for which tote to choose, the options are a little overwhelming, but here are a few of my favorites:

* this lunch tote ($24) over at three potato four is so adorable that it makes even me, the queen of eating out, want to brown-bag it.
* this je t'aime brooklyn tote ($12) is darling and cheeky, and the long handles mean it will actually fit over her shoulder.
* the totes over at alena hennessy's site are so gorgeous, it's pretty much impossible for me to choose. but i think i love the milla birds and the mirabel apricot (each, $64) best.

if she's zen at heart, but still perfectly accessorized, this meditation necklace is a gorgeous option. it's a vintage photo, reproduced and cast in resin - and just looking at it makes me peaceful. it'll be a conversation starter anywhere she goes.

or, if your friend is hopelessly devoted to feathering her oh-so-sustainable nest, she's sure to love this yummy flannel throw from unison. anything flannel makes me swoon when the weather's chilly, i'll admit. but throw in that fabulous (not to mention guy-friendly) pattern, and the fact that the cotton's all organic, and this is a gift that's sure to please, whether she bikes to work or secretly dreams of owning a humvee.