Saturday, December 22, 2007

shoppingsmycardio gifts: the procrastinator's guide

well, we're officially past every shipping deadline there is...if you haven't ordered yet, you're resigned to the crowds at the mall or a grungy poinsetta from your neighborhood grocery store.

unless, of course, you're willing to get creative.

my favorite last-minute gift, and one i gave just yesterday, is a gift certificate to 20x200, a fabulous website that features limited edition art (200 of each) from semi-well-known artists for a cool $20. new pieces debut twice a week. you can purchase a "credit" gift certificate for $28.50 (you're covering the shipping costs too), which will let your recipient go online, pick out the piece of art of their choice, and it will arrive at their door with your compliments.

another great option for avoiding the mall crunch is to check out the "shop local" section on you can find loads of great gift options just a starbucks meet-up away. just pick your gift, and send the artist a message asking if the item might be available for pick-up. most of the folks on etsy are so sweet they'll probably even gift wrap it for you!

if neither of those work for you, or you're just ready to throw your hands up, i have to admit i'm still a fan of the cheesy homemade gift, but i do so prefer when it's thoughtful and specific to the recipient, not just the generic plate of cookies that gets passed around this time of year. have a friend that thinks your chicken enchiladas are to die for? go to the hardware store, pick up a pyrex, make her up a batch, and attach the recipe. have a serious cheese fiend in your life? head to whole foods, grab a few selections, a bottle of fig jam, and a cheese board, and you have a gift she'll be thanking her stars for well past new year's day.

(a big thanks to design sponge and lisa solomon for the gorgeous photo, above. if only my kitchen looked that great when i baked. and click here to check out lisa's banana bread recipe...yum!!)