Monday, July 31, 2006

question of the day: five year itch??

is there such a thing as a "five-year itch"?? i ask because i have noticed, in the last few months, my interest in my job (which i've had for about five years) is waning. a lot. to a disturbing degree, really. it's getting to the point that i've been known to spend multiple hours blogging, during business hours, instead of billing (like, for example, this morning). and i'm an attorney, so billable hours are my life. well, they're supposed to be. but lately, i just for some reason cannot summon the strength to give a crap. which is a sad thing, because the whole "i'm an attorney" thing loosely translates to "i owe so much in student loans that there's no way in hell i could ever go get a job doing anything othe than practicing law, because it wouldn't pay enough." add to that the fact that my law partner is my mother, and you have a whole new dimension of not-able-to-quit-my-job-ness.

but since things are the way they are, and this job isn't going anywhere, i just have to find a way to be interested again. either that, or my salary is going to drop pretty freaking quickly when my horribly low billables show their ugly face (which is going to be soon, since today is the last day of the month).

and it's not like my job shouldn't be interesting...i mean, you know, this is supposed to be a pretty cool gig. i really have a pretty good law job, as they go - my clients are generally pretty well off (translation: they can afford to pay me), they're coming to see me of their own free will (not because they're being sued, or because they're pissed at someone), and they usually stay my clients for a long time. but honestly, if i don't find something interesting to do soon, i'm going to be one of those homeless (er, transient) people who wander the streets, muttering to themselves, and trying to figure out where the hell they went wrong.

ugh - what's a girl to do?!