Tuesday, July 11, 2006

today is a very bloggable day

so far today, i've thought of two separate things worth blogging about....how impressive.

first, i felt that it was my duty to disclose that i am a walking fashion "don't" today. remember those knee-length jersey skirts with the elastic waist and the two slits up each side that were really popular like five years ago?? yep, that's right, i'm rockin' the jersey skirt today. and you know what? i don't even care. i had forgotten how freaking comfortable this thing is! and i do feel i've redeemed myself somewhat by pairing it with a very cute rebecca beeson t-shirt and my super comfy silver ballet flats. i know, not good enough. in fact, it's so bad i almost couldn't even find a pic online (the horror!). but i finally managed....at a maternity wear site. so, picture this, but in black and with slits on the side. i am super hot, i know.

second, i have to brag about my cute-as-can-be hubs today. i was running way late to work, and in our new post-serious-budget-discussion-era, i decided i wanted to be frugal and take my lunch to work instead of buying my usual spicy tuna roll. so, i asked the hubs if he'd consider whipping me up a tuna sandwich. i want you to know that my hubs packed me up an entire little lunch, including a pre-washed nectarine and a baggie full of cinnamon bears for dessert. yum...cinnamon bears. so, now i'm sitting here in my post-lunch bloat, feeling a little sick from too many cinnamon bears. and thinking my hubs is pretty darling.

told you it was a big day :)