Thursday, July 06, 2006

i hate budgets

so, the hubs and i had the 'serious budget talk' today.....yuck. i was talking to my best friend J yesterday, and it turned out she had the 'serious budget talk' with her hubs at the same time...random cosmic connection, perhaps? i suspect it's more the "first of the month, mortgage payment just came out of the checking account, where the &*$% did our money go?" connection, myself.

the truth is, i don't think it's ever a huge shock to either party that there's no money....i mean, i'm not suffering from any delusions related to a lottery win or appointment to the board of a fortune 500 or anything. but, crazy as this sounds, i guess i've always survived by the "it all evens out" school of budgeting. maybe that just means i naturally live more or less equal to my means, or maybe it means i'm just damn lucky. but when i was single, it honestly just all seemed to work out. the whole 'married, mortgage, two car payment, two dogs' thing has definitely kiboshed my flawless system, however. damn. but i'm not worried. i'm holding out for the day when my super-talented hubs is finally discovered for the utterly fabulous photographer that he is, and can command $10,000 for 8 hours of his time, like some other wedding photographers i know. (frightening, isn't it?)

thank god i get to shop online.....that's really the beauty of this blog, i think - by the time i rave all about something fabulous on here, i almost don't need to buy it.