Sunday, July 23, 2006

the one that got away

when my darling hubs and i took a trip to paris this past april (yes, i can hear the song in my head too), i stumbled across this little beauty in the department store to end all department stores. and truly, it was love at first sight. in fact, even the hubs, who i think i can certifiably say has virtually zero interest in perusing the handbag department, thought it was pretty darn cool too. you can't really tell from the pic, but little miss marc (named for her creator, marc jacobs) has a zipper for a mouth! i know, i know - too cute for words.

but, i was being good. i was being practical. i was thinking "white canvas + clutzy me = devastation when my double cappucino spills all over my fabulous marc jacobs bag." and so, i abstained. and the minute i got back home, all i heard literally everywhere was how fabulous this bag was, and how it was sold out everywhere. yes, the world was mocking me for not buying the oh-so-darling bag. i could feel it.

so, i was having another moment of melancholy today, as i perused the new fall 2006 offerings of little miss marc (none as cute as the original, in my humble opinion)...and figured i'd take a stab at ebay. lo and behold, lil miss marc is THERE!! and she could be mine!! the torture! the agony! the truth is i'm still slightly terrified of owning anything made of white fabric that i'm expected to tote around and maintain stain-free for an extended period. but i really and truly do love it.......if only i could convince the hubs. unfortunately, methinks not. but hey, a girl can dream. (or, a girl can post on her blog, in the feeble hope that her hubs will take the oh-so-subtle hint for the upcoming birthday).

and, in the meantime, the new fall veruka isn't unattractive at fact, i quite like her. she's just not quite as fun as her springtime counterpart....but maybe that's just because spring is so much more fun than fall to begin with :)