Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the fascinating decisions over which i agonize.....

today's topic: which hairdryer should i buy?

yes, i am a loser - i know. but at least i'm posting today, for the first time in quite a few days, so that has to be worth something, right? right?

so i've received a recommendation for a lovely ion model from a friend:

it comes very highly recommended by my friend, and i do so admire her lovely coif.

then, just as i was about to purchase, i read an article in a magazine raving on and on about the virtues of this fabulous (and at the time, pricey) professional model. the writer claimed that it put an end to her 'buy a new dryer once a year' problem (one i also suffer from), and dramatically decreased her daily style time (also a problem with which i can sympathize). but best of all, this $160+ dryer she was raving on and on about is now on sale for $39 (update: it's now $49. how rude.).

so what the question really comes down to is this - do we trust the claims about all of the fabulous benefits the 'ion' hairdryers provide? does anyone have any thoughts on the matter??

decisions, decisions :)