Wednesday, July 26, 2006

the shoe gods are smiling on me....

very exciting news - after lots and lots (and LOTS) of digging around, calling all of the other sellers of the fabulous snakeskin pump, i decided to throw caution to the wind, and call the store i'd originally ordered them from. now mind you, the online order people had emailed and said it wasn't available. i'd called the store once before, and they'd said the online inventory is the same as the store inventory, so they didn't have it. but, hey - i'm willing to make an ass of myself where gorgeous shoes are involved. so, i called the store again, without the preface that i'd ordered them online. just basically saying "hey, i like this line of shoes, i know you carry them, do you have any left in my size?" the response from my new favorite shoe salesgirl was "well, we have this really cute pair of snakeskin pumps left in your size..." JACKPOT!!!!! not only that, but she managed to sell me this other pair as well:

yes, i'm a sucker...she saw me coming a mile away. but i am just beside myself with excitedness at the prospect of my fabulous new shoes!

anyway, the hubs and i were discussing what might have happened to put me through this emotional crisis....he suspects a glitch in their online inventory, and a little bit of um, detachment?, on the part of the web person, who didn't really bother to go double-check the inventory in person. whatever - i hold no grudge, but am just happy that my darling little snakeskin pumps (and their strappy black counterparts) are on their way to my house as we speak!