Friday, July 21, 2006

hooray for early birthday presents!!

so my darling mother, knowing how i adore the summer sales, was kind enough to give me my birthday loot nearly 2 months before the actual day - hooray!!!

naturally, i've made short work of spending every last cent :) but fortunately for me, this fabulous pre-gift (defined as such because i fully expect another on my actual birthday) coincided just beautifully with (drum roll, please) the kate spade friends and family event! a gift indeed :)

so, here are some of the beauties i have adopted so far (after all, there are 3 more days of the sale to go!).

isn't the purse fabulous?! totally not my traditional style, and yet, once i saw it, i couldn't put it down. it's going to be so gorgeous with an all-black ensemble, or really, any solid color. and i love that it's big enough to actually carry some things, unlike most fun evening bags which hold exactly one credit card and one tube of lipstick.

and i couldn't help loving these fabulous, glittery suede numbers - not exactly the most useful things ever, but they're just so pretty!