Sunday, July 16, 2006

sale of the day - kate spade

i just have to share, if only because the hubs has placed me on a handbag embargo until further notice (see purchase leading to said embargo here), and i just don't feel right not participating. anyway, kate has placed some really darling items on her summer sale, including:

this tracy ribbon stripe tote for just $140 (also in lots of other sizes/shapes)

this darling little hobby tote at $120

the quinn rubber tote i was just loving for summer is now a mere $48

and if you're in the market for an evening bag, i just don't think you can do much better than the 'golden gate shea' at $223.

oh, and PS - the nordstrom anniversary sale includes a really fabulous kate bag (the serena-newton) and matching wallet for a pittance....if you can possibly swing it, i highly recommend doing so - the kelly green is just amazing in person!

hey, just because i can't have any fun doesn't mean you all can't.