Monday, July 24, 2006

item of the day - loeffler randall snakeskin heels

okay, for those of you who say i'm driving you to bankruptcy or divorce by showing you cute things we shouldn't be buying (note that was a "we"), i'm making today's "item" a truly fabulous bargain.

loeffler randall is a relatively new shoe designer on the scene, but they do some really beautiful work. i was incredibly impressed with their spring/summer lines, and can't wait to see fall.

but for now, you can pick up these absolutely fabulous snakeskin heels, that would go with darn near everything i own, for a mere $98. yes, it is indeed "mere," as they started out at $398. see? i'm bargain hunting for you :) of course, there's always a catch on a deal this sweet, and with these beauties, it's that they're final sale - although i have to believe that in the very unlikely event that you hated them when they arrived, you could make a killing reselling them on ebay.

note: loeffler randall shoes do tend to run perhaps the teensiest touch big. i actually like that, because they don't make me want to die when i wear them without socks on a warm day. but, if you're an in-between-sizes-girl, you might want to go down 1/2 size.