Monday, July 10, 2006

the ones that started it all....

i'm having a little 'memory lane' moment tonight. was poking around online for a pic of some shoes i've been loving, and stumbled upon these:

now, first, i have to say that i find it entertaining that these shoes are still for sale online, since i bought them at nordstrom over two years ago. but, that said, these darling little marc jacobs kitten heels are indeed the shoes that began my love for high-end shoes. they were just so different from anything else i owned - seemingly impractical, yet they went with everything. beautifully constructed, completely unique styling.....yum!

i got them out tonight (i almost never wear them these days, but they're headed for a renaissance, i think) and was telling this story to my husband. his response? "so, i have these to blame, huh?" yes, dear, that's right - these are the shoes to blame. well, that and a little too much sex and the city :)