Monday, July 31, 2006

shoe hiatus

okay, so we're going to talk jewelry today, for several reasons. one, you all are going to think i'm obsessed with shoes, since that's pretty much all i've covered for quite some time. and yes, it's true, i am....but i can diversify occasionally. two, i've been really coveting a new piece or two lately - i haven't ever really been a 'jewelry person,' but i do think i'd like to step it up just a tad this year. and three, after mentioning said coveting to the hubs, he asked me to blog some pieces so that he could shop. which is, after all, one of my all-time favorite things to hear :)

so, here we go :)

i saw this gorgeous turquoise necklace a while back...normally turquoise is a little too "new mexico artist" for me, but i really love the look of this piece. the nugget in the center isn't as big as it looks like it would be - it's about 3/4" by 1/2". i think it would go so nicely with a cute black or white top, and would really jazz up an otherwise blah ensemble. plus, i'm tired of having an entire wardrobe of jewelry that is "classic"...i think i need some pizzaz, dammit!

this wrap necklace just strikes me as so unique and different - it's delicate enough to go with just about anything, but interesting enough that it's fun to wear:

i have loved this ring by jeanine payer for months and months. probably out of the birthday budget at $400, but it's completely fabulous nonetheless. the stone is a rough-cut diamond, which i've been pretty much obsessed with ever since i saw carrie's fabulous diamond bead necklace on the last sex and the city episode! and the inscription on the ring is a quote by dante: "the experience of this sweet life". pretty romantic gift, dontcha think? plus, jeanine payer is just a fabulous designer, and i love nearly everything she comes up with. (PS, honey - my ring size is a 7.5 or 8)

and, the hubs has already seen this one, but i have to share with the class because, well, it's just that fabulous. dressy enough for work, basic enough for everyday, but with just enough style to be original. yum!

some other necklaces - i really like this leaf style necklace, and have found a few different designers. naturally, my favorite is the more expensive one, but such is life :)

this one is just so fun, but i love that it's still delicate enough to be an 'everyday' necklace. plus, the colors are so gorgeous - the gold and blue just go together beautifully!

of course, i have to throw a tiffany into the mix - what kind of materialist would i be otherwise?! they've just started carrying designs by frank gehry, and i'm really loving the abstract pieces - not that i don't love the elsa peretti bean, but i think it was high time for a little shake-up. this necklace is so pretty, and could dress up any outfit. plus, what can i say - i definitely have a thing for "the little blue box".

and last but not least, the tiffany classic 'diamonds by the yard', in a much more affordable setting :) (and yes, the 16" chain is just right, sweetie)

LOL - sorry to bore you all with my birthday shopping list! :) but hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do to get some birthday bling, right?