Friday, July 07, 2006

fall boots

just saw these lovely michael kors boots - best of all, they're on clearance at saks! so, which do you prefer - these new ones:

or the ones i've been in love with since first spying them (also michael kors):

how ever will i choose?? they're roughly the same price, though the first ones are michael kors, not KORS michael kors (note there's also a MICHAEL michael kors line, whose role in the kors cosmos i still don't fully understand) - a distinction that doesn't terribly concern me, i'll admit, though the full retail price of the first pair would definitely give my darling husband a heart attack). i think i still prefer that the second pair, as they're much more versatile. plus, as a girlfriend of mine keeps pointing out, i spend too much time buying flats for a girl who's married to a 6'8" man. i probably should rock the heels a little more often.

but, for any of you who think those first ones are as lovely as i do, you can buy them here (notice that i didn't give the link until i'd talked myself out of them - yes, i'm a selfish bitch, and i'm okay with that).