Tuesday, June 10, 2008

what i want today: retro jacquard diamond skirt

i adore skirts - they're so fabulously girly, and perfect for most any occasion. but sometimes i get a little weary of the same styles over and over again. pencil, flare, a-line...black, white or a big, bold pattern.

so, i'm thrilled to pieces by this sassy little retro number from marc by marc jacobs. i love just about everything here - the chic pattern, the button detail (and i love that they're faux - i detest buttons on skirts, which only ever lead to unflattering bulges), the seasonless styling...everything. it's like chanel meets gogo girl. this will be fantastic all summer, sure, but also fab with tights in cooler weather. plus, with the retro vibe, this beauty isn't going out of style any time soon.

oh, and did i mention it's on sale?? $117 at bloomingdales, but buy quickly - their site is notorious for the eternal backorder.