Thursday, June 05, 2008

what i want today: ombre from vince

i've always been a sucker for ombre dyes on fabric, ever since i was a wee girl. now that they're back in vogue, i'm as giddy for them as i was back then. pieces from vince (one of my absolute favorite designers) fall collection are starting to trickle in, and the collection is packed with gorgeous ombre pieces i'm dying to own.

this shirred ombre silk top is so subtle, it will pass muster long after the ombre trend fades. the detail on the neckline is just fantastic, and that shade of blue is as chic as it gets (though the grey color it also comes in is equally fabulous). this summer, i'll pair it with shorts for a casual dinner out, but the grey version would look just as lovely with my black tuxedo trousers - now that's versatility i can get behind.

and i haven't quite figured out the fundage details, but i can pretty well assure you this gorgeous cashmere v-neck will be in my closet by the time the weather turns cool. i'm absolutely addicted to cashmere sweaters, and this one has so much style, i hardly know where to begin.

and i've been after this branch print shell since i saw it at a trunk show months ago. it was gorgeous then, and i love it just as much now. and, as always with vince, it's endlessly versatile. i can see it with cut-off denim shorts, and i can see it with a pencil skirt - ooh, and maybe some fantastic bright heels. a perfect summer/early fall piece, any way you accessorize it.

all are available at shopbop. also, neiman marcus is currently doing an online trunk show of the fall vince line (so fantastic, i've been forced to ask my dog to hold onto my american express card for temporary safekeeping...). both are well worth a look!