Friday, June 27, 2008

what i want today: r&y augousti clutch

i am just in love with this bag. i think it's because the designer started with a style that was so popular it's now almost overdone (the foldover clutch), and took it to a new level with the exotic skin and that fabulous deco zipper pull (trimmed in stingray, incidentally).

or maybe i love it because, yet again, augousti has the market cornered on affordable exotics. you can score this beauty for less than $500 - which is downright amazing, if you ask me.

if you're in the market, this clutch will make a fantastic addition to your bag stash - the styling is casual enough for jeans, but the exotic skin dresses it up for evening. pick it up at barneys, and make all of your friends jealous.

or, if you're looking for something a little more classic, barneys just restocked that gorgeous park clutch i've mentioned before. it's a much more traditional clutch option, but stunning nonetheless. and only $395...i honestly have no idea how r&y does it.