Monday, June 16, 2008

haute or horrid? marc jacobs mouse flats

i've always loved the marc jacobs mouse flats...but i'm starting to think i've outgrown them. i think i love them for my 20-year-old self...not so much for my 30-year-old self, who i'm pretty sure can't pull them off any more than she can successfully pull these off.

but then, my 20-year-old self was so not buying $250 shoes. so, what do you all the price point proof enough that these are cute for grown-ups, or are they still a little too "reclaiming my youth"?

fortunately, i'm not completely out of luck. i can definitely pull off these lovely suede boots, which are high on my list for fall. as are these gorgeous navy and salmon heels, which have that 1940s vibe i so love.

hurray for piperlime starting to carry great shoes like marc by's about time i had an option other than zappos (who i'm boycotting ever since they suspended their free overnight shipping).