Saturday, June 28, 2008

etsy search of the day: "anemone"

since i love both the flower and the spiny sea creatures, i decided to see what would happen if i just searched for "anemone" on etsy...

anemone photo pendant, $35, adornjewelry

"an enemy or an anemone?" original photograph, $40, janeofalltrades.

not exactly an anemone, but so cool nonetheless. "charming creatures 12", $100, by lisa congdon.

and now i'm just completely digressing...because these are sea urchins, of course. this is what etsy does to you. sea urchin stationery, $9, by pixelimpress.

i sort of can't believe this amazingly detailed piece of glass is only 2" across. anemone gazing orb II, $95, by zenartglass