Tuesday, June 03, 2008

design redux: carrie's apartment remodel from sex and the city

as i gushed yesterday, i've been obsessed with the apartment makeover in SATC ever since i saw the movie. thank goodness for the internet - one of my darling readers (thanks, j!) sent over this link to an interview on casasugar with jeremy conway, the production designer on the set - aka, the great mind behind the stylin' digs.

if you're into the hows and whys, definitely head over and check out the full interview - casasugar did a fantastic job! and i'll do you one better by suggesting the chicago tribune's interview with the set designers as well.

but if you're just in it for the gory details, here's what i know:

* that stunning paint color is benjamin moore's "electric blue".

* as for those lovely settees flanking that amazing shelving unit (above), well, you're out of luck - they were custom-designed. but the upholstery fabric you can have. it's called amanda lee, and can be yours for $110/yd from the silk trading co.

* the coffee table is vintage, so sourcing doesn't help. but i did just see a freakishly similar version in june's elle decor, which you can find here for $1,950. or, check out this knockoff version at horchow, for under $500, proving once again that sometimes close enough is okay. you could also go old-school and pick up the version from her original apartment, which you can find at room and board (actually designed by them to match the table in the series - how cool is that?).

* the lovely eggplant-and-cream rug in the center of the room comes to us courtesy of the rug company - the design is called overleaf, and it's by marni. pricing runs about $80/sf.

* update! that fab neutral rug in the seating area is also by the rug company - the design is called 'palazzo,' and it was created by one of their founders, suzanne sharp.

last, but most certainly not least: for J, who was kind enough to find me these stunning pics, i'll return the fave by granting her wish.

"After watching the Sex in the City movie, I am in LOVE with Carrie’s apt remodel. I know you saw the film & I am hoping you caught a glimpse of the amazing LOVE print she had framed and leaned against the wall at Charlotte’s baby shower. Can you suggest a version for my home?"

well, J, i can tell you that the "real" version from the movie is called "love too", by veteran design guru paul smith. it's handwoven wool and silk needlepoint, measures right around 3'x4'9", and retails for $2,550, and can be yours by contacting the rug company. if you're crushing on this piece as much as J is, do a search on the rug company's site for "paul smith," and you'll find loads of other needlepoint lovelies, plus all of his fantastic rugs.

and if you can't quite spring for the original, here are a few prints on etsy that might tide you over: from artsyschmartzie, bellabella and jennifer ramos.

so, that's what i know for now...naturally, i'll keep you all posted if more info comes my way.

(credit where credit is due: photos courtesy craig blankenhorn/new line cinema ©2008 via casasugar, the chicago tribune and the rug company.)