Monday, June 02, 2008

because everyone else is doing it...

i feel a bit remiss just completely ignoring the SATC premiere. but, on the other hand, i was sort of proud of being the only blogger in creation who hadn't mentioned it yet today :) then, i realized, the name of this blog being what it is, you all might want my two cents. or maybe not :)

in any case, my very NON-spoiler-like thoughts are that it was very well done - better than i expected, actually. for those haters that are annoyed it wasn't oscar worthy, i will only say: um, duh. it is sex and the city, not citizen kane.

and, i will add that i think it says something about where i am in my life right now that i was vastly (vastly) more enthralled with carrie's apartment makeover (is that a spoiler?) than any of the fashion...well, okay, except the wedding gown photo shoot (which i do not consider a spoiler, as it was on the cover of june vogue). if only i could find pictures...but i'm working on it.

other than that, i sort of refuse to deconstruct any movie, but especially one that's meant to be fun, light, and iconic in the best of ways.

(image credit to the daily mail...thanks, guys!)