Monday, June 30, 2008

site of the day: whimsy press

there is literally nothing i don't adore about whimsy press. from their completely gorgeous wrapping paper and notebooks to their tongue-in-cheek greeting cards, it was love at first sight.

honestly, there aren't enough places in the world where you can buy a card that says "sorry i fucked up." or, the fabulously punny "you crack me up", illustrated with a soft-boiled egg (yes, i realize that my sense of humor is right up there with your average second-grader). ah, so many goodies to choose from - i want one of each for my ever-growing card collection.

i've raved about their darling tote bags before, but now i'm on to something to put inside them. these gorgeous matchbook notepads ($8) are absolutely perfect for toting around - they have a surround cover that opens and closes like a giant matchbook, so no crumpled pages when it's shoved down at the bottom of your purse. and the prints are adorably retro and fun. my fave is palm beach, but paper invaders runs a very close second.

oh, and then there's the gift wrap - i get a little freaky-freaky with my gift wrapping (i secretly dream of a whole "gift wrapping station" in my house). whimsy's collection indulges every last one of my perfectionist impulses. the designs are so hip, the colors are so cheerful, and the quality is so exceptional that it's all i can do not to buy up their entire stock. i love all of them, but i have to admit that the 'best friends' set is my favorite - how could i resist those doggie silhouettes?

best of all, the fabulous people over at whimsy want all of you to get a chance to check out their goods, so they're offering a 20% sitewide discount to shoppingsmycardio readers! just use code CARDIO at checkout - but it's only good for 30 days, so stock up now!

head on over to whimsy press's website, which i guarantee will suck you in before you've even realized what's happened. happy shopping!