Saturday, June 14, 2008

what i want today: hookmaker by design glut

i swear, the next time i renovate a kitchen, a pair of these fantastic teacup hooks is going in. i can't say enough about these fact, i'm wondering if you can commission someone to successfully remove a single tile from a backsplash, so that it can be replaced with one of these. or, heck, just attach it to a blank's still incredibly sleek, stylish, and the type of design that borders on art.

i love the multi-use potential of this hook, but from a purely aesthetic perspective, i think this would be so darling filled with teabags, with another teacup dangling from the hook below. or, run a series next to a stovetop, and fill with fresh herbs or flowers. the possibilities are endless.

pick them up for $30 each at design glut, and heck, maybe grab a pair of egg pants while you're there.