Wednesday, June 04, 2008

deal of the day: 25% off at sotto boutique

the lovely owner of sotto boutique emailed me yesterday to let me know that, in the spirit of helping us all dress well during a recession, she's taking 25% off her entire site! just use code relief at checkout, through june 15, and you can single-handedly help to restore our flailing economy.

sotto carries a fabulously well-edited selection of the most on-trend looks from this season. i adore this dusty blue silk "sunday blouse" from church & state - buttoned up, it's the perfect good-girl look for work, but drop those buttons down, and it becomes a flirty, sexy top perfect for evenings out. the options here are endless - belt it, layer it (under a sweater or over a tank), but don't miss out on it while it's marked down to $195.

while we're admiring that gorgeous shade of blue, i can't resist pointing out this lovely charlotte ronson cardigan. as usual, charlotte struts her stuff with impeccable design details that make a basic anything but. i adore those balloon sleeves, the two different knit styles, and the styling is as tailored as a cardigan gets, but the color keeps it relaxed. and if it feels too early for sweaters, this is a great summer "this air conditioning is positively freezing" addition to any ensemble, and will go from work to weekend seamlessly. nab it for $160 before the weather cools off!

and what a fantastic antidote to the bland gladiator sandal trend! these wedge sandals from devotte leelo are anything but neutral, and fabulous doesn't even begin to cover it. the purple suede and gold detailing are as decadent as it gets, but the styling keeps them ultra-wearable (and that slight wedge heel even makes them skirt-worthy). this is that pair of shoes you buy because you love them, even though it feels completely irrational, then realize you can wear them with absolutely everything in your closet. not a bad deal for $220.

check out all of the goods at sotto - i think you'll love just about everything they have to offer (and you will almost certainly, as i did, mourn the fact that those fantastic madison marcus leather jackets are already sold out). fortunately, there are plenty of other covetable items to distract you.