Wednesday, June 11, 2008

what else i want today: bellbottom trouser jeans

wow, how long has it been since the gap actually had cute, fashion-forward denim?? seems like forever! so when this bellbottom trouser jean landed in my in-box this morning, i was floored. hurray for patrick robinson, is all i can say - maybe we're finally headed for bigger and better things from the ultimate mall retailer.

these bellbottoms look to have the perfect fit for this style - long and lean, just relaxed enough at the thigh, and not too terribly wide at the bottom (no channeling farah fawcett required). i love the flap pockets in the back, and the wash is perfectly faded - bellbottoms shouldn't be too serious, after all.

best of all is the price - $59! now that's worth a shot, don't you think? just make sure to splurge on the tall size, so you can get them tailored to the right length...unless you're short enough to pull off a 32" inseam with heels.

so, what do you all think?