Tuesday, October 03, 2006

skh's turn: work to play, or play to work?

miss skh is a law student...which means she wakes up every morning so completely exhausted that the last thing she wants to think about is how to make herself presentable. it also means she doesn't have money (sorry babe, but i remember those days...it sucks).

so, here was her question:

I need work on getting items that work for suits and for casual. My casual = upper Haight (so, leaning towards the alternative) law student (meaning comfy). And, as you know I have to wear suits to work. So, these are 2 very different ends of the spectrum. I'm having a hard time finding shells/ button ups/ accessories that work well for both. I want to look hip when I wear a suit and maybe a bit more put together (aka, no holes in things) when I'm casual. Can't afford/ don't have the space to have 2 full wardrobes.

well heck, i can do this.

first thing i'd suggest is to play off of the fact that this fall, romantic is in. that means you can wear a frilly, fancy top with jeans, and be completely stylish - and that same top will also go beautifully with a suit. case in point is this gorgeous top on sale at banana republic right now. it would look perfect under a solid or pinstripe suit, but throw a bright color cami underneath (i'm thinking teal or a raspberry color), and it's definitely funky enough for the haight. you can find a similar style here - it's slightly longer in the body, and has short sleeves. still great, just can't wear it with a shorter jacket.

another piece i love for your needs is this half-sleeve turtleneck. it has so much fun and detail at the neck and shoulder, but would easily subdue under a suit jacket. take off the jacket, untuck the hem, and it's perfect with jeans and boots.

here's one other look i think would work beautifully for daytime, and it would be a great 'going out with friends' top as well. the chiffon dresses it up, but the high neck keeps it business-friendly. i'm not positive this would work with a blazer, but i think with a skirt or slacks, on a non-court day, you could easily wear this to the office. plus, i think the blue color would be amazing on you.

one other thing you might consider investing in is a vest - strangely enough, they're everywhere this fall. throw one on over a bright t-shirt or solid white shirt and under a blazer, and you'll definitely be dressed to kill...plus, when you take the blazer off, a vest will be darling with that pencil skirt :) i love this one by j.crew.

any of those work for you, skh??? :)