Monday, October 02, 2006

angela's shopping #2: cover-up for a wedding

angela's second question was about a cover-up to wear over a dress she's in later this fall.
I am wearing a dress in a wedding that's spaghetti straps. I need a shrug/sweater/jacket/something in black that would look cute but not totally ruin the look of the dress. The dress is black with mushroom color swirly/flowery things on it. It's empire style with a v-neck/mock wrap. And it's slightly gathered around the waistline with a tie in the back. (from Max Studio - if you've looked there in the last couple of months)

first things first, i'm going to use this dress as a guide for what we're working with, even though i know it probably isn't exactly right.

i'm assuming for the moment that there's a reason you don't want to go with the simplest option, which would be a black pashmina....either you want your arms covered for the duration of the evening, or you just want to jazz the dress up a little & infuse some of your own style. both great reasons :) but if you hadn't considered th e pashmina, it's a great investment piece that you might as well own anyway, if you don't already :)

okay, first rule: no shrugs. they have gone the way of the project runway other words, they're out. if any remain in your closet, now would be a good time to purge.

okay, now that's out of the way :)

my first choice is something that wouldn't fly for everyone, but i saw it and it just screamed your name. best of all, it's $23 :) from forever21 - check it out here. i love the puffed sleeve - i think it would be darling on you. and the shape is such that it won't take away from the silhouette or the print of the dress.

if it's long sleeves you want, i really like this from la redoute - sheer, but warm, and a great shape.

and if neither of those ring your bell, you can always fall back on this season's version of the shrug: the wrap cardigan. think of it as a super-thin pashmina with sleeves :) personally, i think it's better than the shrug was, and talk about versatile! this one is the most classic version (you'll see several pics of ways to wear it on the website as well), and it would definitely fit the bill :)